Jesus: Is Our Model & Message

Jesus is our model for how life should be lived and has given us His message of love, grace, and forgiveness.

Worship: Is our Expression 

Worship is our expression of awe and honor of who God is and what He has done in our lives. 

All People: Are Our Passion 

We are passionate about reaching all people with the love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus. All people should have the opportunity to experience God’s love and the chance to receive Christ as
their savior.

Being Together: Is Our Fun/Family  

All who call Jesus their Savior are a part of the family of God, and when we are together we experience fun, fulfillment, and fellowship. 

Generosity: Is Our Privilege 

We see generosity as a privilege. We’re generous with our time, talents, and treasure. We go first in our giving. God has given richly to us, it’s our honor to give back to Him. 

Equipping the Next Generation: Is Our Priority 

Raising up the next generation to be fully devoted followers of Christ is our priority, thus taking up space, time, and resources. 

Servant Leadership: Is Our Identity 

We believe the greatest leadership is service to others. Every leader is a servant first. 

Exceeding Expectations: Is Our Pursuit 

We believe that God deserves the best in everything we do, so we do all things to exceed expectations with respect and excellence.