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Make sure to click Pastor Ricardo's user name and follow him on Instagram @ricardoequintana Join him each morning at 7:30 for a time of prayer. Below is the list of what Pastor Ricardo will be praying about each day.

Intercession - Praying on Behalf of Others


DAY 1: Intercede like Jesus. - Romans 8:34
DAY 2: Intercede for others believers. Luke 22:30-32
DAY 3: Intercede in the Spirit. - Romans 8:26-27
DAY 4: Intercede because Jesus wants to save the lost. - 1 Timothy 2:1–4
DAY 5: Intercede because people are in a lost predicament. - Luke 19:41-44
DAY 6: Intercede for the unsaved. - John 17:20
DAY 7: Intercede for the captive. - Isaiah 61:1-2


Intersection - Praying for an Opportunity to Witness


DAY 8: Pray to intersect with people who don't know Jesus. - Matthew 28:19-20
DAY 9: Pray to intersect with unlikely people. - Matthew 9:10-13
DAY 10: Pray to intersect God's power with people. - John 2:23

DAY 11: Pray to intersect with someone who will hear your story. - Acts 1:8

DAY 12: Pray to intersect with cultural barriers. - John 4:1-26

DAY 13: Pray to intersect with needs you can meet. - Mark 10:45

DAY 14: Pray to intersect with people who need to be delivered. - Mark 5:10-15



Invitation - Praying for the Names of People You Will Invite to Easter



DAY 15: Pray to invite people into God's love. - John 3:16

DAY 16: Pray to invite people into God's forgiveness. - 1 John 1:9

DAY 17: Pray to invite people into God's grace. - Ephesians 2:8-8

DAY 18: Pray to invite people into God's healing. - Isaiah 53:5

DAY 19: Pray to invite people into God's family. - John 1:12

DAY 20: Pray to invite people to Easter. - Mark 16:6

DAY 21: Pray for all your invites.

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On Sunday, April 9th at Journey Church we are

hosting our Annual GIANT Easter Egg Hunt...

Church starts at 10 AM and then the GIANT Easter Egg Hunt

will be directly following the gathering.


Your kids are going to thank you after you bring

them to Journey Church for the best

Easter Egg Hunt you've ever seen! 


Come out to Journey Church on April 9th at 10 AM for a fun,

safe day of family fun.

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