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What is the Daily Prayer Rhythm?


In the Hebrew and early Christian tradition there has always been a daily prayer rhythm to pause and pray - morning, midday, and evening. We see this in the life of Jesus and with the apostles in the early church. We want to recover this historic practice.


Each morning we want to begin the day with the Lord's Prayer. When we pray The Lord’s Prayer, we submit to the leadership of Jesus, allowing his prayers to guide our prayers. Each midday we want to create time to pray for the lost. Ask the Spirit to bring to mind people who are far from God, and ask God to restore them to his fold, bringing them salvation. Each evening we want to end our day in gratitude to God. As you review your day, from morning to evening, give thanks to God for anything and everything for which you are grateful.


Partner with us by praying this rhythm each day wherever you are.

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