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Every person who calls Journey Church Ventura their home has a place to serve. The Bible tells us that the body of Christ (All believers) are shaped to serve for the greater good of the church. That is, for the sake of those who have yet to discover God’s love, grace, and forgiveness and those who have already discovered God’s love, grace, and forgiveness. For that reason, we invite everyone at JCV to serve Jesus and His purposes.


Because we believe we are working for the Lord, we place high expectations on ourselves. With the pursuit of excellence for our Savior, we place a high value on the following commitments to serve.


  • Commitment - Each volunteer is expected to give at least six months to the ministry role. If for some reason the role is not a fit, then we will work with you to discover the set place for you in the JCV body.

  • Communication - As we communicate with you, we expect you to communicate with us in a timely manner.

  • Consistency - All volunteers must be consistent while volunteering and serve at least twice a month.

  • Preparation - Because what we do has eternal implications, we expect each volunteer to prepare with prayer, study and growth.

  • Promptness - Every role at JCV requires you to arrive at least a half hour or more before each gathering. This enables us to give our full attention to those we are ministering to when your ministry begins.

  • Patience - Ministry requires patience when working with people. All volunteers must have the fruit of the Spirit to include but not limited to patience with those we serve.

  • Partnership - We ask all volunteers to see themselves as partners in the ministry of the church. This gives all of us a sense of ownership responsibility for the health and function of the church.

  • Growth - It is imperative that each volunteer grow in their role. The better we are, the better we meet the needs of our church body and community.

  • Team mentality - Team simply means that we are all interdependent. We work together to accomplish the same task. When each person fulfills their role, the whole team wins. The opposite is also true.

  • Flexibility - Each volunteer needs to be willing to flex a bit with the needs of the moment. Patience and flexibility go together.

  • Initiative - Ownership/Partnership means that each of us should solve problems when able. Taking initiative to protect or solve a problem in the moment is encouraged.

  • Safety - One of the highest priorities is safety. By virtue of volunteering, you become a safety leader. Please be sure that all areas and situations are safe and protect the people around you.

  • Alert to environment and needs - If you see something, say something and assist if possible. If danger is imminent, then do all you can to call for help and protect those around you.

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